Celery Juice Challenge

I have you head about this Celery Juice Challenge the “kids” are doing these days? No it’s not like the Cinnamon challenge or the Tide pod challenge.  It is actually a really great one to try.  I originally discovered the Celery Juice Challenge from a Youtube channel called Ohhmyannie.  She mentioned in a few of her videos about how drinking Celery Juice on an empty stomach helped her with her anxiety, weight loss and to have clearer skin. With all those health benefits, I just had to try it myself. 

I ran out to my local Sprouts store immediately and bought 4 stalks of Celery.

The next day my Hubby and I jumped in feet first and didn’t look back.

For the first few days it really wasn’t so bad. Then around the 3rd day we must have got a hold of a really robust batch of celery because the taste was STRONG and almost overpowering.

Check out the Video about my experience on Youtube.

7 Benefits of Celery Juice

The Celery Juice craze was started by Anthony Williams who also goes by “Medical Medium”.  He claims that drinking Celery Juice first thing in the morning can:

  1. Reduces inflammation in the body
  2. Lower blood pressure and help with Cardiovascular health
  3. Fights cancer
  4. Detoxes the body
  5. Helps with skin problems like acne
  6. Gives the body electrolytes that help with recovery
  7. Enhances sleep

For more information about all things Celery visit his site:


I’ve only drank Celery Juice for 8 days (so far) so I didn’t exactly experience a drastic change in my body, but on the 7th day I did notice that the swelling in my hands I was experiencing that morning from eating too much salt the night before magically vanished when I took my first sip.  After that I am hooked and I will be continuing to drink Celery Juice for as long as I can afford it (its getting a little pricy at $4 a day per person).

How to do the Celery Juice Challenge

The best part of this craze is how simple it is.  All you have to do is juice the Celery in a Juicer or blend it in a blender then strain it in a nut milk bag or cheese cloth and drink it first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything else…That’s it!

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The flavor isn’t too bad (unless you get a strong batch of Celery like I did)

Give it a try and let me know what health benefits your saw after drinking Celery Juice for 7 days

Stay Sparkly and Have a Magical Day Creators!